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Corporate Wellness

Helping you build a stronger workforce.

Your staff team is one your most valuable assets and their health is valuable.  At Circular health we are commited to working with businessess to promote wellness.

  • WELLNESS SCREENINGS:   Our wellness screening has been designed specifically for a business setting, as they give us a broad oversight of potential risks within a short period of time. The screenings can be offered at your business premises by our nurse practitioner and include a glucose test, cholesterol test, BMI and blood pressure. We also offer HIV tests and digital eye screenings as optional extras.
  • CORPORATE WELLNESS DAYS:  Let us plan your next corporate wellness day - we can offer everything from screenings to educational seminars and education, through to health challenges, exercise classes and cooking classes. There is actually no limit to what your next wellness day could include.
  • CHRONIC MANAGEMENT: Want to have a big impact on employee wellness and benefit your bottom line at the same time? Chronic illness is the second biggest contributor to staff absenteeism - so why not start there? Circular Health's chronic management programme is run from Mercantile Hospital and gives employees access to high-quality private healthcare. The programme includes regular schedule appointments; ongoing interactions, assessments and education; and chronic medication (based on a formulary).
  • ON-SITE OR NEAR-SITE WELLNESS CLINICS:  Wanting to have the biggest possible impact on your employee's health? Consider opening your very own Circular Health clinic on-site, or sponsor a near-site clinic and allow us to find other employers to partner with you. Our clinics are run on a subscription basis and offer your employees and their families access to a wide array of healthcare services. We will also partner with your HR department, giving them access to non-confidential data that can assist you in better understanding your staff team and their needs.
  • EXECUTIVE HEALTH PROGRAMME:  We understand the demands that are placed on today's executives, both inside and outside the business. Our executive wellness program has been designed to offer a unique healthcare solution to executives, business owners and entrepreneurs to help them maintain good health and prevent future health issues. We work with them on an ongoing relational level, giving them greater access to their doctors and empowering them to take ownership of their health.

179 Circular Drive
Port Elizabeth

Contact Details:
Telephone:  041 450 4849
Fax:  086 512 3122

Additional Services:
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Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 08:30 - 17:30
Saturday 09:00 - 12:30

Closed on public holidays.

For all your After Hour requirements contact PEGP on (041) 363 4466.