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It’s that time of year again – the summer holidays have finally arrived!

If you are anything like me, you’ve been counting down the days since September - but now the holidays are here you have no idea how to actually stop and rest.

Here are 5 simple ways to breathe out and rest this holiday season.

1. Change your routine

There is an age-old saying, ‘change is as good as a holiday’ – so what could be better than change while you’re on holiday (it's like a double holiday). What that change looks like will be different for each person - however, as a general rule, try remove yourself from your normal routine and expectations (including DIY) and prioritise those things that you don’t normally have time for – beach days, reading a book, going for a walk, being creative, playing cricket in the park.

2. Try to get away

This follows on from our first point because what better way to change your routine than to change your location. If you can afford to go away, even if it’s just for a few nights, prioritise it. An extra tip, try to go away as close to the beginning of your holiday as possible - as this will help you breathe out and get into the swing of the holidays quicker.
If going away isn’t an option, you may need to be a bit more creative with this point. Last year, instead of going away, we housesat our friend’s house (who lives in the same city). By changing our location, and making the most of their pool, we were able to breathe out with minimal extra costs. You can also plan a day trip, spend time in different parts of your city where you don’t normally go, have a picnic in the local park, go down to the beach, or even treat yourself to a fun meal out.

3. Stop and breath

How many times, during the mayhem of the past year, have you dreamt of being able to just stop for 5-minutes and be. Well in the holidays you can do exactly that – although you will need to be self-disciplined and prioritise it. If you have kids, there may be a bit of prep work beforehand in order to cordon off these times – but once you are sitting in silence with a hot beverage in your hands, I promise you that it would all have been worth it.
A way to make these times even better (apart from a good cup of coffee), is get yourself into nature – even if it’s just sitting in the garden under the shade of a tree.

4. Under commit

Holidays are about doing less – not more. Try commit to as little as possible and allow yourself the ability to just follow the day.

In an attempt to get this right in our household – with two hyper-social children – we have adopted two 'holiday rules’. The first is a simple statement, “no plan holiday”. This may sound a bit basic – and at first, our children did their best to rebel against it – but soon it achieved its desired effect and the constant questions of ‘what are we doing next’ began to cease. It's also good for the adults because it reminds us that we don’t need to be filling our day and constantly entertaining others.

The second rule, which does appear to contradict the first, is the decision to not commit to more than one thing per day. In our house, we have actually taken this one step further and put together an activity jar for the kids. During the run-up to the holidays they were allowed to put activity suggestions into the jar and now, each day during the holidays, they get to randomly select one activity out of the jar for us to do as a family – so far, it’s working like magic.

5. Prioritise intimate gatherings

This one isn’t just for the extraverts – I promise. While you may appreciate this point more when you’re about a week into your holidays, there is something incredibly healing and relaxing about spending time with the people that you love – especially when it’s outside of the routine of ‘normal life’. In order to get even more out of these gatherings, try not to put a time limit on them. Make sure that your schedule for the rest of the day is clear and allow yourself the freedom to come and go as the mood leads.

So, here’s to a restful and fun holiday seasons. We trust that you have an amazing break and that the tips above add value to you holiday and make it even more relaxing.

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